Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have experienced an unprecedented resurgence in popularity beginning in 2021 and continuing into 2022
A NFT is a unit of data, or a token, stored on a blockchain that’s unique, and not interchangeable with other tokens the way cryptocurrencies like Ether or bitcoin are interchangeable (fungible). Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are owned by the owner of the private keys of the wallet in which they reside. In this way ownership is provable and immutable. ERC-721, proposed in January 2018, was the first standard for representing non-fungible digital assets on Ethereum. Now this technology is available on Fantom Network.
Fantom Blockchain for NFT’s
• Fantom is a highly scalable blockchain platform for DeFi, crypto dApps, and enterprise applications.
• Fantom Chain is rapidly growing platform and is NFT compatible.
• By choosing this fast and perspective platform, our team insures to be one of the First NFT projects on the Chain.
Our project
• This project aims to tokenize the ownership rights for Luxury goods, precisely in Real estate, Yachting, Precious metals, and make them accessible to a broader number of investors.
• Ownership, under the form of smart contract, can therefore be traded in the market as every other publicly traded security.
• The advantages of this project are many and they extend to a various number of applications
Advantages using $ORTON protocol
• The first and most obvious one is that we are bringing new capital to luxury goods that can be commonly owned and the gains would be equally distributed. You could in this way gain exposure to a completely new market that might have been inaccessible before due to high barriers of entry
• Being able to bring down considerably ownership transfer costs, such as the notary costs and at the same time increasing the speed of the overall process is another of the main advantages of this system. Commissions taken by governmental entities and tax expenses as well as canonic transaction fees can be eliminated
Conceptualization of the project and business model. Private presale.
Public Presale
Launch of the website.
Launch of the token.
Community growth.
Focus on user acquisition.
Other partnership with industry leading companies in yachting and real estate.
Team expansion.
Heavy marketing campaign.
Big partnership news.
First NFT property available for sale.
Ortonesia's total supply is 8 billion tokens. 20% of token supply is dedicted to seed and presale investors.
*Private Presale rates can be discussed personally depending on investment amount
15 % released monthly for 6 month
8% released monthly for 8 month
8% released monthly for 6 month
4% released monthly for 12 month
5% released monthly for 12 month
40% at listing
10 % of token supply
10% of token supply
Staking pool
Seed round is LIVE!
Min. amount for seed investors: 50 000 FTM
Price for seed investors: 200 ORTON/FTM

Any question? Reach out to us!